Frequently Asked Questions

If I partner with the university, does NC State keep all intellectual property rights? 

  • No. Ownership follows inventorship. All intellectual property (IP) is negotiated in advance by both parties and is clearly spelled out in the agreement.

What if I just want to work with students and am not that interested in research?

  • Absolutely. We have some great opportunities for you to interact with students, such as sponsoring a Senior Design Project.

Am I required to lease space on Centennial Campus in order to partner with the university? 

  • No. We have a number of partnership agreements with companies that do not lease space on Centennial.

Can I partner with different colleges and departments or am I confined to just one group?

  • Absolutely. You can identify which college(s) or department(s) you are most interested in and we will help you make the right connections.

Is there an agreement I can sign that will allow me to do different projects on campus without having to write a new contract every time? 

  • Yes. It’s called a Master Research Agreement (MRA) and it’s been used by a number of different companies, such as Eastman Chemical.

If I want to lease space on Centennial Campus, is it necessary to have a partnership in place before the lease is signed? 

  • Yes. In order to lease space on Centennial, you must be an approved tenant, which spells out the partnership relationship.

What is the easiest and quickest way to start a dialogue about a partnership?

  • Simple. Call our office at (919) 515-7036 and ask to speak to one of our Partnership Developers. Or, email us at

If I know a specific researcher and want to work with that person, do I still need to contact the Partnership Office?

  • That would be our recommendation. The reason – our office can help you with the entire process and also help you find other university resources you may not know about.

How do I learn about all the different subject-matter-experts that exist at NC State?

  • You can call our office at (919) 515-7036 and ask for a Partnership Developer. Another option is to go to the NC State website and search for different colleges and departments. You can also search for different Centers and Institutes and can look at our research “clusters.”

Can I license technology created at NC State?

If I’m an entrepreneur, are there any financial resources NC State makes available for new ventures?

  • Yes. There are several funds you might be able to apply for, and there are several entrepreneurial programs available on campus. We can help you get started.

If I’m an NC State student entrepreneur, are there any financial resources the university makes available? 

What is the single biggest misconception about doing business with NC State?

  • That it’s difficult or overly bureaucratic. Our Office zeros in on helping you find resources efficiently and cost-effectively.