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Partnership Support Model

By working with a dedicated partnership development team, you'll be supported every step of the way. This model can be easily adapted for any company in part, or in whole.

Master Research Agreement

Umbrella agreement that enables your company to explore research and engagement interests across the university without re-negotiating terms each time. New projects are simply new task orders under the existing agreement — without the hassle of more paperwork.

Account Management

Assigned relationship manager with a dedicated time allocation towards supporting your company’s initiatives. Option to meet monthly, or at whatever interval best suits your needs. Open door policy, allowing your company to be candid about your needs, interests and level of satisfaction with your partnership.

Process Management

Customized flow charts and operational processes tailored to your company’s engagement with the university. Processes are developed to reflect projects from inception to completion, so you can easily track progress.

Information Accessibility

Password-protected internal site that allows you to post RFPs, important dates and deadlines, and other documents for easy access and distribution.

Customized Templates

Customized RFP templates that are designed to share and collect the information most important to your company’s innovation needs.

RFP Q&A Sessions

Dedicated sessions prior to RFP submission deadlines that allow faculty to engage with your company and ask questions to understand more about projects.

University-wide Support System

Efforts are supported by a variety of offices and departments that work closely with the Partnerships Office. (Academic Colleges/Departments, Sponsored Research, Contract and Grants, Research Commercialization, Corporate and Foundation Relations, etc.)